Adult Martial Arts Classes in Bromley


Our syllabus provides a full workout for your body and mind. Our adult martial arts classes focus on using a blend of tried and tested techniques to improve your fitness, combat everyday stress and leave you feeling healthy and re-energised.


With the Bromley Martial Art syllabus you will discover that after just a few classes you’ll find yourself feeling better physically and mentally.

You will find you have:

Improved stamina and strength

Boost in your self-confidence

Feeling positive within yourself both physically and mentally

Confidence that you can protect yourself should the need ever occur

All resulting in a healthier and more fulfilling way of life.

Class structure


Classes are friendly and suitable for any age or gender. We have a non-contact sparring policy amongst beginners whilst allowing our experienced students to make contact through blocking drills and using focus-pads and shields. We keep our adult classes challenging for you by varying the practices each week, meaning you continue to develop your techniques but also get an enjoyable and challenging workout.

During the classes some of the techniques you can expect to learn are:


At Bromley Martial Arts Academy we want you to feel comfortable and enjoy the classes, so we give you the opportunity to try a TRIAL Class  before you make a commitment to join our school. We have classes every week in Bromley, Bickley and Catford so why not book your first class now and see what you  think.


What are you waiting for? GET YOUR TRIAL CLASS TODAY.