Giving your child the tools for success

Character Education Through Martial Arts
November 8, 2013

Did you know… the principle of achieving success in primary school can easily be applied to achieving success in later life too? Each school year brings opportunities and challenges that your child has to overcome. The support we give parents and guardians to keep children interested in martial arts can be invaluable tools to succeed in school and life ahead.

Below are the main qualities we’ve identified in children and young people who attend our schools:


Scientists have found that co-ordinated movements using the constant involvement of left and fight brain activity (as used in our martial arts patterns) increases the power of concentration significantly.


Children who get bullied even once may lose confidence and feel inadequate. Like adults children need to feel safe on the streets and in the playground in order to achieve and maintain a winning attitude. Lack of confidence suppresses the ability to achievements of higher level goals in school and can extend to later life too. The Chi Combat System teaches children to prepare for a successful life by instilling confidence without aggression.


Children need to learn to finish what they start. If they keep giving up one thing after another then a negative path is set, they may well begin to keep giving up one thing after another in later life too. The “positive discipline” learned gradually in a fun atmosphere through the Chi Combat System shows them that success only comes through persistent effort. They are rewarded with higher belts, a stronger sense of self and an increased respect from instructors and peers alike.

No society can function successfully without it. Disrespect towards authority, colleagues and even ourselves (through lack of confidence) is not a positive recipe for success in later life. The Chi Combat System instils in your child respect for self and others, for example the bowing to each other at the beginning and end of each class teaches children traditional values and strong moral concepts.

The CCS shows your children that certain conduct – such as violent behaviour – are inappropriate. Through positive discipline children can learn to channel their energy in a positive way and use it to achieve success.

Once your child has reached Gold belt they can join our special junior leadership programme. As part of the programme they gain additional responsibility with the chance to lead other students in specific exercises.  This opportunity works to build communication and public speaking skills.

Encouraging children to take on positions where they lead early on is a good way to give them the motivation to take on challenging opportunities. Your child becoming a member of our junior leadership programme adds another string to their bow and is a great way to demonstrate enthusiasm and people skills and even offers an insight into potential careers.

[superquote]“Only through persistence can we achieve success in life” – Master Ellison.[/superquote]

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