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Meet the Team

The Leadership Team

Sabumnim O’neil Gordon (AIMAS)
Maria Olivieri - Head Instructor @ Martial Arts Bromley
Sabumnim Maria Olivieri

Amun Ka Clarke
Sam Dan Amun Ka
Sabumnin  Liz Holton

Sabumnin : Ken Scott

Junior Leadership Team

Within the school we offer a Junior Leadership Programme which allows our best young students to develop their leadership skills and a share their knowledge of martial arts they have learned so far.


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Full Time Dojo

Full Time Dojo

Bellingham Ex-Servicemens Social Club

10 Allerford Road, London SE6 3DD

Mondays (adults) 7:30 – 8:30pm

Tuesdays (kids) 5:00 – 6:00pm

Anti-Bulling Week 18-22 Nov. 2013

What is bulling, this can be physical, verbal or psychological: name calling, spreading hurtful stories, excluding someone from groups, making demeaning comments about race...


Treat others as you expect to be treated yourself. make new friends whilst keeping the old.

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