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About Bromley Martial Arts Academy

About Bromley Martial Arts Academy

Bromley Martial Arts Academy is part of the worldwide organization Chi Combat System Martial Arts School with locations in the South East of England, Geneva, Switzerland and Saarbrucken, Germany. Set up by our Chief Instructor O’neil Gordon, Chi Combat System Bromley Martial Arts School offers martial arts classes in Bromley, Bickley and Catford. The curriculum provides takes from the best of tried and tested martial arts techniques to bring you the best modern day martial arts system available today.

Bromley Martial Arts Academy is founded on the principles of healthy living through martial arts.

Our goal is to create a martial arts family where our students are happy, confident, support each other and share in the successes of our schools. The friendly environment makes classes perfect for beginners and advanced students alike. We encourage students to take the techniques and philosophies learned during classes into every aspect of their life. There are opportunities through our Leadership Program for students to become Instructors and Junior Instructors offering the chance to develop skills that will support them inside and outside of martial arts practice.

Black Belt Schools

Black Belt Schools were established by founder Master Ralph Allison to bring together the best Black Belts from within Chi Combat System Schools. Each month instructors, and the best black belt students join together at one location to spar and compete against each other ensuring instructors continue to develop and build on their technique.

MEMBERS OF THE INSTITUTE OF MARTIAL ARTS AND SCIENCE                                                                                                                                                                                                           MEMBERS OF SEKAI AIKOUSHIN KOBUJUTSU RENMEI



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Full Time Dojo

Full Time Dojo

Bellingham Ex-Servicemens Social Club

10 Allerford Road, London SE6 3DD

Mondays (adults) 7:30 – 8:30pm

Tuesdays (kids) 5:00 – 6:00pm

Anti-Bulling Week 18-22 Nov. 2013

What is bulling, this can be physical, verbal or psychological: name calling, spreading hurtful stories, excluding someone from groups, making demeaning comments about race...


Treat others as you expect to be treated yourself. make new friends whilst keeping the old.

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